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Tropheus Tankmates Discussion of compatible Tropheus tankmates.

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Old 05-27-2013
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My famula were worse than my longola. They were terrible on one another. Some say they're great for petro beginners but after my experience I would never recommend them as such. Just my experience...
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Old 05-29-2013
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I agree with Swk 100% My first group of petros were 10 famula chimba fry. Paid $100.00 for them, and managed to get them to spawning size. That was in keeping them with a number of other petros and trophs together. I believe it helped, As soon as my five moshi and my chimbas got big enough it started, they(both types) got hog wild. After several spawns I finally managed to get about 23 fry from my chimbas but lost my last remaining male. I sold the fry for about what I paid for the 10. My moshi have only left me with one female,but now I'm raising more.
Don't know how this helped but the male chimba was a real terror he attacked everything no matter the size. The moshi can be the same,need at least 20 to raise up it doesn't take long.
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Old 05-29-2013
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I have received similar advice about famula variants as well, on a different forum. I saw some that I liked and was thinking of adding two trios to a large group of trophs. Everybody pretty much told that famula are too aggressive to keep in such small numbers. People seemed to recommend trews, in most cases, if I were only getting 6 of them. I never ended up getting any petros as my plans to repair a large acrylic tank that I picked up on the cheap, have been halted.
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Old 05-30-2013
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Originally Posted by troph56 View Post
Hey I have a colony of 22 Kasakalawe in my 210 and I am thinking of adding a small group of 6-8 Petro Famula Sangala and I was wondering if anyone here has tried this combo and how it worked out for you ? From most of the info so far it does not seem to be a big problem but I want to explore all the pros and cons before I decide. My main concern is aggression !
Is your concern about Petro on Troph agression or just Petro on Petro agression? IME the Petros will pretty much ignore the Trophs, your problem may lie in the number of Petros. You'll get a lot of replies saying 6-8 Famula is not enough, a lot of the time it comes down to the personality of the fishes and tank layout. Famula are not the pussy cats that they're made out to be LOL, small groups work sometimes and sometimes they work when they have become smaller! Big groups work better (long term) but you will more than likely lose some along the way.

Glad to hear your thinking of taking the plunge into Petros, they are challenging but great fun.
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add, famula

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