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The tank looks awesome. I see you have some Lamprologus multifasciatus shellies, is this the only shell dweller your going with? I know i want a shell dweller colony some day. They are an interesting fish, them and the sand dwellers. Great set-up!!!


**EDIT** P.S. Whats your stocklist at the momment?[/b]
thanks man. i have brevis and occie gold in the tank. very,very interesting little fish. stocklist at the moment is as follows:
1 pair foai kafyoka
1 pair foai mboka
10 brevis
20 occie gold
8 lelupi orange
10 Neolamprologus mustax orange
20 Cyp. Kitumba

still gonna add:
20 cyp. kitumba
2m 3f firefin comp.


I see your stocklist and have a few questions. Are you planning to cut down on the no. of Shell Dwellers after a while? 30 is quiet a lot. Why you are keeping Leleupi and Mustax together? They both look very similar and are closely related.
What are the dimensions of the tank? It looks higher than usual but what about the base?


no i am not planning on cutting down on the number of shellies. ha ha this tank is so tall catching fish out of is not in the plans. this tank is for display only. i am keeping lelupi and mustax together because i like them both. the look different enough to me. the tanks dimensions are 60 x 27 x 49.

Nice tank !
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