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Old 06-13-2013
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Question What would recommend for a submersible pump and a sump set-up?

Good day everyone,

I'm in the process of setting-up a 135 gallon with a 55 gallon sump. This is my first attempt in using a sump set-up. (I知 apologizing in advance as I知 still learning the sump lingo) The tank I bought was originally set-up for salt water as so as the sump. A friend suggested that I redo the sump to suit a fresh water set-up. Any suggestion on a good design and type of media I should use. I知 also shopping for a submersible pump and I知 just wondering what brands would you recommend? GPH?

I致e watched a few YouTube video and I知 pretty handy so I think I値l have no problem figuring it out but any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. I知 planning to house 30-40+ Trophues once completed
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Old 06-13-2013
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For a 135 Id say a pump of 1000 gph + would be good. I plan on buying a Deep Blue Triton Pro pump off Kens Fish for my sump setup. I dont know the exact headloss but I will probably get something around 1000 gph since Im doing a 5' 120 with a tonne of water flow from powerheads that are already in the tank.

My sump will involve a large plastic container you get at Canadian Tire for $7 and one of the 4 shelf plastic storage towers. The towers will be drilled and set in the container, the tank drain line will run directly into the tower and flow through a micron sock, into poly filla filter floss, then into a coarse sponge, then into a fine sponge, then there will be a second compartment filled with pot scrubbers from Dollarama. Ive recently seen lava rock used as the bio filter and I think its a great idea, I had the idea awhile back as well and actually put a small piece in my old sump but I dont think the small chunk I had was adequate.

The return pump and heater will be in a third compartment.

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Old 06-13-2013
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I bought the Deep blue Triton pump, and it never restarted properly after the power was shot off. I've had to bargain with the selling company to have a credit at their store and to return the pump. Very very bad experience.

I have a sump and a wet-dry, each on its own aquarium. The wet-dry is powered by a Eheim compact+ 5000, and it is the one I'm in love with: absolutely silent (you have to actually touch the pipes to feel a vibration when it starts back). The Sump is powered by a Eheim 2242, which is not as silent as the compact+, but it does its job without fail.
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pump, recommend, setup, submersible, sump

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