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Old 10-03-2014
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I personally don't think 75s look full without 40 or more adults unless there is alot of decorations
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Old 10-04-2014
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Originally Posted by kyfront33 View Post
I personally don't think 75s look full without 40 or more adults unless there is alot of decorations
I agree, but that's the point. The more water for the fish the better as it will take longer for nitrates to fill in higher volume of water than lower and as you know, with Tropheus that's important! Better to over-do the setup than the stock amount.

With higher stocking on the same tank, more External filtration is needed. Let alone having greater bio surface for beneficial bacteria, but it will add gross water volume as well. Unless more frequent water changes are being used to counter the faster nitrate buildup because of the bio load.

So personally I say keep the lower numbered colony in a higher volume of water. Or Base your Colony size off of the Volume of water, frequency of water changes and amount of external filtration for added water volume. Also if breeding is not desired or little, feed sparingly and adjust accordingly to maintain proper weight of the fish.
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Old 10-04-2014
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Look at my signature, no problems with 50 in my 90. 35 are adults and the smallest are 2 1/2 inches.i seem to have better luck raising males!! With the local auction coming up, it is time again to get out the 4 buckets and vent the entire tank again, as the red rainbows from andrew should be big enough, the TROPISH RR are the smallest and unrest, but this should be a good colony with 10 f1 fry from two different WC colony's.

The only issue for me is that I am starting to get detritus on the sand in a few spots, I use a 1/2 inch hose that dumps unto the sump and into a 1 micron filter sock, takes a minute and no need to change any of the water mid week.

I am doing 80% wc every week, new carbon every other week. You need big time bacterial filtration to run this many in one tank. Wet dry for sure. When I text the water before a wc, I get less than 10ppm nitrate. The only thing I can contribute this too is the use of Purigen, I truly believe this stuff works

On the number to buy to get a good ratio, if you buy 20 and use the 50/50 ratio, you end up with say 10 males, you only need 3, possibly a 4th to take a beating, this leaves you with only a Colony of 13-14 at best, this assumes equal ratio and zero deaths
90 gallon acrylic, wet/dry with a carbon reactor and 406, led lighting with 7 Ikola,13 Maswa, 2-7 stripe fronts,and a royal place
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