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Default WTB. A colony of Tropheus Moori...

I have another 125 gallon tank I need filled. I am looking for a nice colony of T. moori wc adults or f1 juries. Let me know what you have available. Let me add that I live in L.A county. I can pickup or you can ship. Thanks..

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Old 08-26-2011
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Default Trophs available

Originally Posted by Darktides View Post
I have another 125 gallon tank I need filled. I am looking for a nice colony of T. moori wc adults or f1 juries. Let me know what you have available. Let me add that I live in L.A county. I can pickup or you can ship. Thanks..
We ship every week, Greg

Current Fish List For LittleAfricaAquatics.Com: 8/26/2011-Discounts are available!

Rare Tank Raised and Wild Direct Import From Germany Just In!

Website to be finished soon, for real!

New Fish Just In 8/25!

New Cheaper fedex rates available along with air cargo options as always. Also now shipping to Canada amoung others!

Wild Tanganyika:
Alto. calvus Congo Black 2.5-4" Amazing color, perfect and black as coal! $120.00/Pair. (2)
Alto. calvus Zambian Black 3-3.5" Perfect color, beautiful pearly sides, nice! $100.00/Pair. (4)
Alto. compressiceps Bulu Point "Yellow Redfin" 3-5+" New-RARE, holysh*t, monsters, bright red-orange fins! $135.00/fish. (1)
Alto. compressiceps Kagongo Yellow 2.5-3" Super nice comp, dont see too often, amazing color! $90.00/Pair. (19)
Alto. Compressiceps Nangu “Coal Black” 3-4” RARE, good size, really hot black comp.! $115.00/Pair. (7)
Alto. Sumbu "Dwarf" compressiceps 1.5-2+" RARE, super cool little comps, amazing! $135.00/Pair. (10)

Cyph. frontosa Kigoma "7 Stripe" 5-6" Super nice, great yellow in the dorsals! $65.00/fish. (2) (Females)
Cyph. gibberosa Karilani Blue 5.5" Super nice front, great blue! $55.00/fish. (1) (Female)
Cyph. gibberosa Mikula Blue Congo 5" Deep blues, great front.! $155.00/fish. (1) (Female)

Cyprichromis leptosoma "Tri Color" 3.5-4" Came in really nice, beautiful cyp.! $32.00/fish. (29)
Cyprichromis leptosoma Nkondwe Yellow head 4-6" WOW, amazing color, huge cyps.! $38.00/fish. (18) (6M 12F)
Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza "Black" 3-4" One of the top micros., Hot black and yellow color! $54.00/fish. (9)
Haplotaxodon microlepis 3.5-4" Super cool oddball Tang.! $34.00/fish. (9)
Julidochromis marlieri Burundi 3-5" Really nice size with amazing color! $78.00/Pair. (11)
Julidochromis transcriptus Gombi 3-4" Great Julie., beautiful pattern, ready to breed! $85.00/Pair. (7)
Lamp. brevis Chimba 1.5-2" Really nice brevis, nice tiger stripes, breeding! $16.50/fish. (3)
Lamp. sp. "Goldhead" calliurus Mpimbwe 3.5" Wicked cool, New Rare Tang., breeding pair! $90.00/Pair. (2)
Lamp. ocellatus Blue Zambian 1-1.5" Hot blue flash, dont see these wild much anymore! $20.00/fish. (4)
Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 3-3.5" Amazing camo bodies, beautiful shellie! $55.00/Pair. (17)
Neolamp. brichardi daffodil Kantalamba 2.5-3.5" The top brichardi, super nice yellows! $58.00/fish. (16)
Neolamp. brichardi Kipili "Blueface" 3-3.5" Beautiful brichardi, nice finage! $50.00/Pair. (4)
Neolamp. brichardi Magara "Princess of Burundi" 2.5-3" Rare, hardley ever see these beauties! $50.00/Pair. (10)
Neolamp. brichardi Milima "Reddot brichardi" 3-3.5" Hard to come by, beautiful red dots, breeding! $60.00/Pair (2)

Neolamp. similis 1-1.5" Super cool shellie, thick lines down body, beautiful! $24.00/fish. (14)
Ophth. boops Nkondwe "Neon Stripe" 3-4.5" One of the top featherfins, hot fish! $45.00/fish. (11)
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Kapembwa "Blue Neon" 3-3.5" Beautiful pinstripes, hot fish! $28.00/fish. (1) (Male)
Petrochromis famula Nkondwe Yellow 4.5-6" Beautiful yellow fat petros. with nice blue dorsals! $75.00/fish. (18)

Syn. multipunctatus 3-4" Great syno., a must have for Tang. tanks! $24.00/fish. (31)
Telematchromis temporalis "Shell" 1.5-2" Cool, ugly little shellie, breeding! $18.00/fish. (4)
Triglachromis otostigma 3-4" The mud dweller, amazing Tang., really cool! $60.00/Pair. (12)
Tropheus duboisi Maswa 3-3.5" Dont see these beauties wild much, the real deal! $34.00/fish. (12)
Tropheus brichardi Mpimbwe "Red Cheek" Really cool troph, one of the nicest brichardi! $28.00/fish. (14)
Tropheus moorii Chaitika “Blue Rainbow” 3-4” Came in nice color and amazing ratio! $28.00/fish. (15) (1M 14F)
Tropheus moorii Kapampa "Lime Spot" 3-4" RARE, barred face, lime spot body, cool, breeding! $35.00/fish. (12)
Tropheus moorii Kasanga “Red Rainbow” 3-4” Amazing color, reds, blues, yellows, top troph! $30.00/fish. (39)
Tropheus moorii Green Murago 3-4" Cool speckled faces, beautiful color! $38.00/fish. (11) (1M 10F)
Tropheus morrii "Purple" Lufubu 3-3.5" Brilliant color really pops, nice! $32.00/fish. (30)
Tropheus moorii Musanga Yellow 3-4” Wow, bright yellow, really sweet, hot color! $35.00/fish. (19) (5M 14F) Tropheus sp. Red Moliro 3-3.5" Bright red beauties, really nice! $28.00/fish. (10) (3M 7F)

Tank Raised Tanganyika:
F1 Alto. Congo Black calvus 1" Nice calvus, jetblack bodies and beautiful pearls on their sides! $10.00/fish. (17)
F1 Alto. "Goldhead" Tanzania compressicep 1-1.5" Will get hot gold mask, really nice strand! $10.00/fish. (7)
F1 Alto. "Inkfin" calvus 1" Absolutely beautiful, the real deal! $10.00/fish. (32)
F1 Alto. Mwela Orange compressicep 1.5" Hot comp. great color, good size! $10.00/fish. (16)
F1 Alto. Yellow calvus 1" Bright Yellow bodies, amazing! $10.00/fish. (6)
F1 Chalinochromis brichardi "Masked" 1-1.5" Cool white Tang. with jetblack mask! $10.00/fish. (15)
F1 Cyath. foai Halembe 2.5-3+" Great size, super rare foai, amazing blues and greens! $28.00/fish. (21)
F1 Cyath. foai Karilani Copper 2-2.5+" Nice size, one of my favs, unbeatable color, top foai! $32.00/fish. (24)
F1 Cyath. furcifer Resha 2.5-3" Great size, RARE, gets the most amazing blue color, hard to come by! $35.00/fish. (16)
F1 Cyph. frontosa Kigoma 7-Stripe 1" Cool Front., nice blues, great fish! $12.50/fish. (14)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Katete Jumbo 1.5-2" Showing color, nice 2-tone blue fins, hot cyp.! $15.00/fish. (15)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kavalla Island 1.5-2+" RARE, amazing also known as Kibishi, hot! $18.75/fish. (19)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Kigoma 1-1.5" Super hot cyp., gets amazing color! $16.50/fish. (22)
Cyprichromis leptosoma "Albino" Kitumba 3-4" Hot red dorsal in the male, really nice! $125.00/Pair. (2) (Pair)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma kitumba 3-4" Top cyp., amazing color, breeding, hot purples and yellows! $37.50/fish. (58)
F1 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Bulu Point "Sattlefleck" 3-4" RARE cyp., great blues and yellows, breeding! $36.00/fish. (20)
F1 Enantiopus sp. kilesa 3" Amazing fish, bright yellow throats, nice sub adult size! $38.00/fish. (45)
F1 Eretmodus cyan. Kigoma Orange 1-1.5" Super hot goby, amazing color! $15.00/fish. (15)
F1 Eretmodus cyan. Zambian "Blue Spot" 1-1.5" Super nice goby, blue dots pop off the body! $15.00/fish. (1)
F1 Gnathochromis permaxillaris 2.5-3.5" RARE, RARE, RARE, super amazing fish, rarely breed, male gets cool black shovel nose! $64.00/fish. (22)
F1 Julidochromis dickfeldi Moliro 2-2.5" Cool Julie., nice size! $10.00/fish. (13)
F1 Julidochromis marlieri Burundi 1.5-2.5" Amazing strain, beautiful patterns, nice size! $10.00/fish. (9)
F1 Julidochromis ornatus Yellow 1-2" Great Julie., bright yellow bodies, perfect stripes! $10.00/fish. (30)
F1 Julidochromis regani Kipili 1-2" Top Julie., great size and hot color! $12.00/fish. (6)
F1 Julidochromis transcriptus Gombe 1.5-2" One of the nicest Julies., great strain! $10.00/fish. (3)
F1 Lamp. brevis kitumba "Orange Belly" 1.5-2.5" Beautiful little guys, orange bellies, breeding! $10.00/fish. (15)
F1 Lamp. multifasciatus Mbita 1" Probably the most popular shellie! $8.00/fish. (4)
Lamp. occelatus "Gold" 1-1.5" Line breed for the most amazing gold, nice size, cant be beat! $12.50/fish. (35)
F1 Lamp. occelatus "Blue Zambian" 1" Wicked blue color in the sides, very nice! $10.00/fish. (4)
F1 Lamp. speciosus 1" Super cool shellie, beautiful fish! $10.00/fish. (8)
F1 Lepidiolamprologus hecqui Mbita 2-2.5" Super cool camoed shellie, young adults! $18.00/fish. (14)
F1 Lepidiolamprologus nkambe 1-1.5" Wicked predator, nice pattern, a must have! $16.50/fish. (9)
F1 Neolamp. buescheri Kachese 1.5-2" Nice buescheri, cool stripes and fins! $15.00/fish. (18)
F1 Neolamp. cylindricus 2-2.5” Nice color, really cool Tang.! $10.00/fish. (25)
F1 Neolamp. helianthus Yellow Congo 1-1.5" Super yellow, great fish! $10.00/fish. (4)
F1 Neolamp. leleupi Karilani "Orange Firecracker" 1.5-2" The real deal, bright orange, not yellow, ORANGE! $20.00/fish. (9)
F1 Neolamp. leleupi 1.5-3" Flawless strain, no black just bright yellow beautiues! $12.00/fish. (40)
F1 Neolamp. longicaudatus 2-2.5" Nice size, RARE, very unquie Tang., a must have! $16.00/fish. (2)
F1 Neolamp. marunguensis Kapampa 1-1.5" Dont see often, amazing white body with blue tipped fins and blue eyes! $18.00/fish. (6)
F1 Neolamp. tretocephalus 1.5-2+" Super blue with jetblack stripes, the snail eater, beautiful! $12.00/fish. (20)
F1 Ophth. ventralis Kipili 2-3" Really hot, gets super nice golds and blues, good size! $21.00/fish. (11)
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Kapembwa "Blue Neon" Albino 2" Good size, sweet color, hot! $18.75/fish. (8)
F1 Petrochromis sp. Orthognathus Ikola "Yellow Bar" 1.5" Great petro., cool mask, hot color! $18.50/fish. (21)
F1 Petrochromis sp. Red Bulu Point 1-1.5" RARE, hottest Tang. there is, my dom. male is show quality! $50.00/fish. (36)
F1 Petrochromis trewevasae 1.5-2" Great chocolate, polkadotted petro., great fish! $21.00/fish. (20)
F1 Syn. petricola 1.5" Amazing catfish, beautiful color, my all time fav. Syno.! $15.00/fish. (34)

F1 Telematochromis sp. Orange Scribble 2.5-3" Breeding size, really pretty-ugly little fish, cool! $30.00/Pair. (10)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Kabimba "Canary Cheek" 1.5" Hot troph., gets amazing yellow mask! $15.00/fish. (16)
F1 Tropheus duboisi Maswa 1.5-2" Great polkadotted juvies., a great troph.! $12.50/fish. (23)
F1 Tropheus moorii Chaitika Blue 1-2" Amazing color, nice strain! $15.00/fish. (8)
F1 Tropheus moorii Golden Kazumba 1.5-2" Beautiful gold with blood red dorsals, beautiful fish! $15.00/fish. (26)
F1 Tropheus moorii Ilangi Yellow "Nkamba Bay" 1" The real deal, amazing color, top troph! $18.75/fish. (9)
F1 Tropheus moorii Kasanga "Red Rainbow" 1" Super hot troph, amazing! $16.00/fish. (40)
F1 Tropheus moorii Katoto Yellow Rainbow 1.5-2+" Hot troph you dont see much, nice color! $15.00/fish. (19)
F1 Tropheus moorii Musanga Yellow 1.5-2" Nice size, hot yellow color already showing, RARE! $16.00/fish. (12)
F1 Tropheus moorii Murago Green 1-1.5" Cool speckled faces, green troph, hard to beat! $15.00/fish. (30)

F1 Tropheus sp. Pemba Black “Orange Flame” 3-3.5” Hot color, perfect color, breeding adults! $26.00/fish. (19) (6M 13F)
F1 Tropheus sp. Red Kachese 1.5-2" One of the nicest red trophs, lot of color! $15.00/fish. (10)
F1 Tropheus sp. Red Ndole Bay "Fluorescent" 1-1.5" The nicest red troph, glowing! $15.00/fish. (20)
F1 Xenotilapia papillio Sunflower Mvuna Island 1.5-2" Subadults, really hot Xeno., great yellows! $35.00/fish. (5)
F1 Xeno. papilio Tembwe II 3-3.5" RARE, hot Xeno., breeding adults, amazing color in the fins, super hot! $75.00/fish. (33)
F1 Xenotilapia spilopterus Mabilibili 2.5-3.5" Adults, hot yellow, great dorsals, beautiful! $35.00/fish. (11)

Wild Malawian:
Aul. sp. "Redtop" Lwanda 3.5" One of the top peacocks, beautiful color, a must have! $115.00/Trio. (7) 3M 4F)
Aul. stuart. Usisya "Flavescent Peacock" 3-4" Stunning blues and yellows, hot fish! $85.00/Pair. (6)
Champsochromis caeruleus "Trout Cichlid" 12" SHOW MALE, amazing blue and reds, hot as hell! $125.00/fish. (1)
Otopharnyx lithobates Yellow Blaze 3.5-5" Show, proven breeders, smoking hot show male! $90.00/Pair. (2)
Placidochromis phenochilus "The Star Saphire" Tanzania 4.5-6+" Amazing blues and lite blue speckles all over, nice fat females! $135.00/Pair. (8)

Tank Raised Malawian:
F1 Aul. Kandeensis "The Blue Orchid" 1-1.5" Amazing blue peacock, gets really nice color! $12.50/fish. (20)
Aul. sp. Eureka Red "Albino" 2.5-3" Hot strand, burning color, hot! $75.00/Trio. (4)
Aul. sp. "Fire Fish" 3-3.5" Bright orange, really cool peacock, breeding size! $75.00/Pair. (10)
F1 Aul. sp. "Redtop" Lwanda 2" Amazing wild parents will look just as hot! $12.50/fish. (3)
Aul. sp. Ruby Red 2.5-3" Breeding, hot little red males, great strand! $15.00/fish. (12)
F1 Aul. sp. stuart. Malieri Island "Sunshine" 3.5-4.5" Bright yellow males, really hot, breeding! $75.00/Pair. (4)
F1 Champsochromis caeruleus "Trout cichlid" 5-6" One of the top Malawians, beauties, full color, breeding! $45.00/fish. (4)
Cyrtocara moorii “The Blue Dolphin” 4.5-7” Huge humphead males, beautiful blues! $105.00/Trio. (5)
F1 Dimidiochromis compressiceps "Malawi eye biter" 1.5-2" Super cool, males get amazing blue! $12.00/fish. (8)
Protomelas sp. "Taiwan Reef" Albino 2.5-3+" Full color, amazing, showing nice blues too! $70.00/Trio. (6)

Wild and Tank Raised Plecos:
Ancistrus sp. Brown "Bushynose" Proven breeding trio, great bristles, good looking pleco.! $60.00/Trio. (3)
Ancistrus sp. Calico "Bushynose" Proven Breeding pair, super nice color, algae destroyers! $50.00/Pair. (2)
Wild Ancistrus ranunculus "Medusa pleco" L34 Wicked black pleco with great bristles! $40.00/fish. (8)
Wild Ancistrus triradiatus LDA072 Cool bristle nosed pleco! $15.00/fish. (10)
Wild Hemiancistrus subviridus Green "Phantom pleco" L200 2-2.5" Amazing green color, stunning! $35.00/fish. (5)
Wild Hemiancistrus subviridus Green "Phantom pleco" L200 4-5" Huge, amazing green color! $48.00/fish. (6)
Wild Hypancistrus Inspector "White Inspector" L201 3-3.5" Hot, big bright white dots all over! $28.00/fish. (7)
Wild Hypancistrus sp. Colombian "Zebra pleco" L129 2-2.5" Hot plecos, nice zebra pattern! $21.00/fish. (12)
Wild Leporacanthicus triactis "Bloodfin black spot pleco" L91 4-5" Wicked, armoured beauty! $60.00/fish. (1)
Wild Panaque scf. nigrolineatus "Royal pleco" L190 3" Beautiful color, one of my favs! $30.00/fish. (1)

Over the years we found that some of the fish foods had went to more filler than quality ingredients. So we started having a higher quality food made fresh for us and our breeding stock. When customers purchase our Trophs and Petros the biggest concern is not altering their diets to quickly. We started out just having this food made for our fish, but now with demand we are offering it to you the customer also.

New Just in, Spirulina Intense, first ingredient is spirulina, not filler like most. This is in my opinion the highest quality spirulina on the market. Once you go to the intense you will never go back. It is the only flake I feed my trophs and petros. We have it made fresh, your fish will love this deep green spirulina rich food.
Spirulina Intense: ½ lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

Spirulina Plus, a high quality food with spirulina and more protein, Trophs and Petros love it along with all other fish. Devoured by all fish, a great flake.
Spirulina Plus: ½ lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

New Just in, High grade spirulina disc, great for Trophs and Petros to graze on. We have found over the years that the disc offer a more natural way for Trophs and Petros to feed by getting face to face and grazing on them. They seem to keep them entertained for longer and strengthen the group dynamics by forcing close contact during grazing. They also keep the teeth down, less battered fins, better group dynamic. Works well with alternating flake every other day.
Spirulina disc: ½ lb.=$15.00, 1 lb.=$25.00, also available in bulk.

Dont see what your looking for, just ask we will find it.

If you have any questions you can email me at LittleAfricaAquatics@hotmail.com or call (502)637-3495, Greg.

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