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Tropheus Disease, Health and Nutrition Discussion of Tropheus diseases, general health, nutrition and water conditions.

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Old 08-05-2015
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All the fish looked great this morning, so maybe got lucky.

Thanks to those that responded
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Old 08-05-2015
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Mine are still perfect and normal. I think it is aggression with them getting hit on the belly too many times and then it spirals
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Old 08-05-2015
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Sorry to hear Jim.

Sounds like a case of Dropsy to me and when it cause water retention behind the eye and ascites (abdominal water retention) it's most likely a kidney infection. The cause? In my opinion, there is bad bacteria in every aquarium that's not running some type of UV sterilization or that is hit with a multi med a few times a year. The fishes immune system keep up and keeps the bacteria in check in a healthy and happy fish.

So, when you get a fish that is being highly stressed out by regular aggression it will eventually lower their immune system and the opportunistic bacteria can potentially have a chance to take over, infecting the body. IN this case, the kidney. The kidney's do many things specifically. But they are also responsible for the regulation of the balance of salts, water and electrolytes. If it gets disrupted, it can throw the whole system off.

If this pops up again, try this:

1. Put the fish in a clear shoe box sized piece of Tupperware, floating inside the tank to maintain the temperature also with an air stone. Keep tank lights off.

2. Dissolve a few tablespoons of Epsom salt in a cup and pour into the water and leave the fish in there. If possible, use a few drops of Kordon Fish Protector as it has Vit B12 and Echinacea (Immune booster) and will created a triple thick layer of mucus coating on them (protect them from external infection). I recommend a half dose as this will tax the kidneys somewhat.

3. Change 25% of the water every morning and retreat with Step #2 including appropriate amount of dechlorinator. DO NOT Use any aquarium salt. It will cause water retention and that's opposite of the results that you'll be attempting to alleviate. Aquarium salt is mainly used to aid in electrolyte production (to produce their mucus coating) and Maintain optimal gill function (O2 and Co2 exchange) but it's not the focus at this point as the Kordon Fish protector will help with mucus coating.

Use this method for a couple of days after the fishes size is reduced back to normal and then drop the Epsom salt use down by a teaspoon a day after that. FYI- there are 3 (2.99) teaspoons in a tablespoon. Once the fish seems to be eating again, go ahead a acclimate it to the tank water again for a good hour at night and shut of the lights.

It's very successful!
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