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Old 12-03-2014
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Conservation is always important and so is debate. I think with this one we saw something we never have before. This wasnt like the duboisi or Ilangi that they rapped to death in the 80s-90s and over years started to decline. This was a fish we didnt know a ton about, that showed up on the list for the first time as new, had never been in the US, just like the Kongwe, lueba and so many brichardi over the past years and we brought some in and it went from new to almost extinct almost overnight. I literally had it offered to me over a month ago, it was already sittign in Dar, had to ask what it was and now over the past 30+ days have found out how small the population is. I still dont know that we have all the facts and its good to debate and more must be doen on Africas end, but like I have said from the start once I heard the numbers were that low I would never want to see anymore collected. Like I had mentioned I backed off Ilangi after getting solid facts about them, but it happened over time and most of the damage was done before I ever imported one box of fish. This was so different, it was like new fish, never in the US, landed, now almost extinct. Hopefully us as a country not importing them anymore helps, I doubt it, but I hope.
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Old 12-04-2014
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Originally Posted by Pam Chin View Post
GM -

Currently they are in the process of building some vats in Kipili, not sure what the completion date is. But, there is a real concern, about going into the small population and taking more at this time.

I think the goal is awareness, and the majority of the hobbyist I have talked with, had no idea of the situation and were glad to be informed. Sharing information about species at risk in the lake is important, not everyone belongs to a fish club where they may get this type of information. I have been very pleased with the uproar over the Tanzanian murago, it shows that hobbyists really do care. And I find that comforting and encouraging.

Cichlid Power!
Good Info Pam!

What exactly is intended use for these Vats there? For Collecting and Studying or for Breeding? Any idea at this point? Is this good or bad?

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cichlid, demise, extinction, moorii, murago, tanganyika, tanzania

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