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Old 02-21-2013
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Originally Posted by #1 Cichlids View Post
Log on to his youtube.Joey is great

Totally agree with Joeys building experience. He's built plenty of glass and acrylic aquariums. I was going to build my own 240 gallon acrylic and did a test run on a 30 gallon long. I didn't do a very good job on it so I went with a highly respectable acrylic aquarium builder. He built it 1" all around top and bottom. Even tells me I could fill the tank with water and lift it by the bracing and it would handle it lol! Definitely subscribe to Joey on YouTube, he'll even email you back his opinions advice he has on tank building
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Old 02-21-2013
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Originally Posted by Mike. View Post
I think 3/4 on the sides is over kill, I am certainly no expert, but I have a 300g 36" tall glass tank and the glass is 3/4 thich, I have seen the website mentioned above, but cant think of the name of it off the top ov my head. with your tank only being 24" tall, I would think that 1/2 or 5/8 would be plenty...you obviously need to cross brace the crap out of it no matter what thickness you go with.

You are right on. When I was looking into replacing the front pane on a 300 Gallon tank that was 96 x 24w x 30h, I found out that the reason that the pane was "crazing" on the front was becasue it was made with 1/2 cell cast which was to thin. but Manufacturers so this o skimp on money. When knowing darn well that it can't handle it. Over time it will craze.

Either way, water PSI on the Aquarium walls is based off of Depth of the water. So for any tank that is upto 24" high 1/2" Cell Cast is the proper thickness to avoid crazing. Anything over that is basically overkill and extra money but one choose to do so that is just fine.

Anything 24" to 30" will be optimally made with 7/4" Cell Cast. 30-36", 1" Cell Cast. Some may have Different opinons but to keep things in good condition for a long time, this would be your best bet.
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Old 02-25-2013
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I don't see any bowing and the tank has been setup for 5 years now. I just purchased it used about 9 months ago and it looks perfect to me. I haven't had any issues at all.

Also, if you want some good advice on acrylic tanks and thickness needed you can contact Adam Bowers at Artfully Acrylic (http://www.artfullyacrylic.com/). He helped answer a lot of questions for me when I was considering having a tank built. He mentioned that anything with a height over 24inches would require 3/4 inch for structural integrity but 24 and under would be 1/2 inch. He is located in Manasas.

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acrylic, tank, thickness, thoughts, wall

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