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Tropheus Disease, Health and Nutrition Discussion of Tropheus diseases, general health, nutrition and water conditions.

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Old 06-07-2014
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Default Metro?

Trying to understand metro. If fish in your main aquarium have started to die from bloat, and from what I have read metro. will stop the spread but, not cure it do you hope that once the fish affected with bloat just die and that will end the problem? If so how long will you continue to use the metro. to keep the remaining fish safe?
Hope I made sense with this question.
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Old 06-07-2014
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Originally Posted by Josef View Post
Glad to hear it!

I lost a whole colony of F1's Maswa Dubs after growing them from an inch. That is not my first colony but it is the first colony I ever lost - they all died similar to the way your fish died.

And I can tell you what killed them, I would drop left over baby brine shrimp into my Dub tank.

But - they did not die of Bloat. They would not bloat all. No stringy feces. No wobbly swimming pattern over the sand.

They would just stop eating, still act normal, but then a couple of days not eating they begin to discolor around the bottom flank. Then they become lethargic 24 hours before death.

The timespan for all 19 fish to die from not eating to death was about four days each.

The whole process took about a month.

I've seen trophs get bloat before - these guys did not exhibit the typical symptoms.

I treated a couple of times with Clout. I treated with Epsom salt. Nothing worked. I just let nature take it's course after that
Wow how did i miss this thread/post...well first i want to say i'm sorry about loosing your fish it feels really bad ask me how i know? Coz i lost my chimbas, moops, ikolas, muragos, and canary cheeks! But i wont stop having them like the other peeps here said it's trial/error and learning process...they are expensive its true but it's the passion of having these amazing fish...everyone has a choice and just remember not to make your decision getting them base on someone else bad/good experience...lastly maybe your dubs died because of the bad batch of brine shrimp you fed them....man cant wait to have my trophs lol! These little bugga are like crack lol...and no i dont use drugs!
Live your life to the fullest and think of it as it's your last...
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