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Buy, Sell & Trade Post here if you have any aquaria related items or stock that you wish to buy, sell or trade.

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Old 07-22-2010
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I have access to these trophs all TRUE wildcaught straight from tanzania
15 Tropheus Kasakalane all $420 http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=1881
14 Tropheus Chaitika all $392 http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=1870
19 Tropheus Red Rainbow all$744 http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=1882
16 Tropheus Gold Kazumbe $588 http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=1884
16 Tropheus Katatoto $538 http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=1883
15 Tropheus Ikola $420 http://www.cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=1867
cyprichromis jumbo kitumba albino
cyprichromis jumbo kitumba
enantiopus melanogeny karilani
tanganicodus irascae kigoma
tropheus brichardi Ulwile
tropheus brichardi yungu
lamprologus callipterus kipili
altolamprologus comp sibwesa
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caught, sale, wild

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