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Tropheus Talk Discussion of Tropheus in general.

View Poll Results: Where do you purchase most of your stock?
Locally - hobbiests 141 33.81%
Locally - LFS 56 13.43%
Locally - Swap/Club meets 11 2.64%
Online - retailers 124 29.74%
Online - hobbiests 66 15.83%
Other (please describe below) 19 4.56%
Voters: 417. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-14-2010
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Send a message via Yahoo to geoff_tropheus

check out my signature...

In my honest opinion the most optimized setup is a 125 gallon tank with 30-40 tropheus of a single colony utilizing 10X filtration turnover using canisters or HOB's.
300G Petrochromis Trewavasae & Tropheus Lunangwa
300G Petrochromis Orthognathus Tri-Color & Tropheus Duboisi Karilani Island, Rutunga, & Katoto
180G Tropheus annectens Kekese
180G Tropheus Ikola
150G Tropheus Ujiji
150G Tropheus mpimbwe Red Cheek
115G Tropheus fry grow out
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Old 02-14-2010
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My fish room has eight tanks all but one full of Albino Eureka Red Jake's.

The other tank (75gal) has my new Tropheus Bulu Point. Twenty of them.

I have raised Jake's for many years with no inclination to have any other type fish.

Three weeks ago my favorite Local Fish Store Manager shoved a bag full of little fish

in my hand and said "take these home and raise em up. I said "NO Way" but he forced me.

These little things are strange. Everything I've read says don't overfeed, what an understatement.

They would not eat for two days, then tiny tiny bits. Don't think they are eating enought to survive.

Hope I get the hang of this.........................................Jack
My Fish Room

180g 25 Community
80g 10 Aluno Albino
75g 20 Bulu Point
40g 2 Aluno Albino
30g 3 Aluno Albino
30g 60 Aluno Albino
20g 80 Aluno Albino
20g 2 Aluno Albino
55g Water changer
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Old 02-15-2010
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75g - 33 F1 Golden Kazumbas @ 1-2"
150g - 6 F1 Bulu Point @ 1-1.75", but soon to be added: 25 F1 Ilangis @ 1.25" and 19 F1 Ndole Reds @ 1.25"

Yup, trophs are addictive...but, awesome to watch!
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Old 12-03-2011
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This is where I buy and sell my most of fish stuff
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Old 12-04-2011
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I try to find local breeders who have fry for sale and then go and buy from them, don`t mind driving a litle ways.

55 gallon - 15 Duboisi

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Old 12-07-2011
flyn dutchmn
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Keeping: WC mpulungu, F? Ilangi, F1 Duboisi Halembe
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I'm fortunate enough to have a local supplier who brings in all sorts of trophs.

110 gallon - 19 domestic Ilangi

140 gallon - 8 Zongwe & 11 duboisi halembe ( hopefully adding another 20 Zongwe in the next couple of weeks).
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Old 12-13-2011
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Images: 164

Local breeders and I usually gonna see the fish first. And I prefer F1. Don't see a point to get WC with so much fry available from most Tanganyikas. I would only go for WC if tank raised not available or won't be available in foreseeable future.
In this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.
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Old 12-24-2011
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Send a message via MSN to lmod58

have a local store that can get any thing i want .
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Old 01-17-2012
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I voted Online retailers. Part A: These guys are the only way I can get the quality fish I want.I would buy from other troph keepers but, there are none I know of here.
LFS has some good fish but, never the harder to get species or any quantities. They usually have one or two when I show up to buy.
The part B: to buying online is getting ripped off. I have had this happen several times as I cut my teeth with trophs. If anyone out there is considering a pricy online purchase take the advice given here. Also get it in writing (email) what they are going to send you. This way you may have some recourse. Lastly pay with a credit card.
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Old 01-06-2013
聲gel @'s Avatar
聲gel @
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Location: Madrid / Spain / Europe
Keeping: Tropheus moorii Mpulungu WC
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Hello to all,

Personally I buy professionals, that is to say, importing of Tropheus and of other cichlids.

Best regards,

聲gel Arroba
Fanatic of the Tropheus since 2.001

My channel in Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TropheusAngelArroba

My new import of Tropheus: http://trophs.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24177

My Tropheus moorii Mpulungu WC: http://trophs.com/forums/showthread....057#post193057
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