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Old 04-09-2009
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Above is a link to an article that studies aggressive behaviors of fishes in lake tang. The article is a little dated but it's always nice to have some information of what really goes on in the wild.

Summary: Trophs, among other tang. cichlids interact differently between themselves and other species. It seems that size is the determining factor of who's boss when it comes to con-specific species. However, the interaction changes when it's between heterospecific species. The articles concludes that in heterospecific realtionships...SIZE is not the determining factor. That came as a suprise to me! :huh:

Personal comments: Never really had the chance to see these type of activity go on with trophs in my tank b/c I keep only one varient of trophs in a tank with no tank mates other than a petro.

Hopefully, someone else that has a community based tropheus tank can comment and see if this activity also happens in their tank.

Enjoy the reading!
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