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Tropheus Breeding Discussion of Tropheus conditioning, breeding, venting/sexing, fry care and rearing.

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Old 09-06-2015
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Default New to trophs

I have a 220 gallon show tank that I'm making into a tanganyikan community. I was seeing if it here possible to have 4-5 breeding groups in one tank but all different species, With the main one being a group of trophs. Just seeing if I can have Calvus, comps, Julies, and multies or something. I have 4-5 different smaller tanks o an remove fry for.

Let me know your thoughts or what you would do.
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Old 09-07-2015
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Others have succeeded...the major consideration with tang community tanks is the dietary requirements of the species you keep together...troph's are herbivores and have a long gut for processing low nutrition algae...food high in animal protein can put herbivores at risk of intestinal diseases such as bloat...comps, calvus & multi's are all carnivores, I'm not sure about julies as I have never kept them...many people feed their troph's NLS with good success...NLS is also suitable for your carnivores...if you can get the feeding regime right then it is possible.
I am a strict 1 tank man due to severe MTS (multi-tank syndrome a few years back). My wife loves blue dolphins so I keep them with my F1 Mpulungu. Not ideal but keeps her interested. Dolphins are mostly carnivorous. I feed Dainichi Veggie FX (has white fish, krill & plankton) and the Mups & dolphins are both growing nicely..
Hope this helps.
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Old 09-08-2015
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Really as long as you give them all a big enough tank and the proper décor (rocks, shells, plants and hiding spots) and you're providing the proper care, it all comes down to diet. And everything you mentioned will do very well on tropheus foods. Most Tropheus foods have a decent amount of krill and other sources of ample protein.
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