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Default Cichlids And Herps Availability List 10.27.15

Cichlids and Herps – Stocklist - October 27, 2015

Listed below are the fish we currently have in stock. Most can be purchased via the shopping cart at www.Cichlidsandherps.net. Occasionally, fish are listed that are not on the website. Fish can also be purchased via email order to: Sales@cichlidsandherps.net

Questions/inquiries: Text/Call Bob at 352-345-0654

Individial photos and/or videos are not available; however there are pics on the website, or most species can be easily found on the internet.

Stocklist Format: Species Name/TR(tank raised-most are F-1) or W (wild caught)/approx size/approx quantity available/price


Altolamprologus (all F-1 or Wild)

Calvus Black Congo(W)/ 3+” males/12 pcs/$59 ea
Calvus Black Congo (TR)/1.5+”/12 pcs/$18 ea
Calvus Black Inkfin (TR)/1”/4 pcs/$18 ea
Calvus Black Zambian (TR)/2.+”/10 pcs/$27 ea
Calvus Yellow Chisanse (TR)/1.5+”/25 pcs/$18 ea
Compressiceps Chaitika (W)/2.75+”/25 pcs/$59 ea
Compressiceps Goldhead Kasanga (W)/2.75+”/12 pcs/$59 ea
Compressiceps Goldhead Muzi (W)/2.75+”/$59 ea
Compressiceps Goldhead Muzi (TR)/.75-1”/12 pcs/$12 ea
Compressiceps Ikola Black (W)/2.75+”/5 pcs/$59 ea
Compressiceps Mbita Red Fin (W)/2.75+”/8 pcs/$59 ea

Frontosa/Gibberosa (All F-1 or Wild)

Kigoma 7 stripe (TR)/1.5+”/35 pcs/$22 ea
Chaitika (TR)/1.5+”/6 pcs/$22 ea
Kipili (TR)/1.5+”/25 pcs/$22 ea
Mikula (Zaire Blue)(W)/ 4”-5”/12 pcs/$135 ea
Mpimbwe (TR) 2+”/20 pcs/$25 ea
Mpimbwe Hai Reef (TR)/1.5+”/25 pcs/$22 ea


Kekese (similar to Utinta) (TR)/1.5+”/15 pcs/$22 ea
Leptosoma Kigoma (TR F-1)/1”/15 pcs/$15 ea
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon (TR F-1)/ 1”/25 pcs/$22 ea

Aulonocranus dewinditi (TR F-1)/1.5+”/4 pcs/$18 ea
Ectodus decampsi (TR-F-1)/1+”/12 pcs/$18 ea
O. ventralis Chituta (TR F-1)/1-2+”/18 pcs/$20 ea
O. ventralis Kapampa (TR F-1)/1-2+”/12 pcs/$20 ea
O. ventralis Kasanga (TR F-1)/1-2”/24 pcs/$20 ea
O. ventralis Kipili (TR F-1)/1-2”/18 pcs/$20 ea
O. ventralis Mpimbwe (TR F-1)/1-2+”/25 pcs/$20 ea
O. ventralis Tembwe (TR F-1)/1-2”/5 pcs/$20 ea
O. ventralis Ulwile (TR F-1)/1-2+”/15 pcs/$20 ea


Dickfeldi Moliro (TR F-1)/ 1”/35 pcs/$12 ea
Marksmithi (Kipili) (TR)/ 1”/6 pcs/$12 ea
Marleri Karilani Orange (TR)/1+”/10 pcs/$12 ea
Regani Zambia (TR)/1+”/35 pcs/$12 ea
Transcriptus Gombe (TR)/1+”/35 pcs/$12 ea


Buscheri (TR F-1)/.75+”/10 pcs/$12 ea
Callipterus (TR F-1)/ 1+”/10 pcs/$13 ea
Elongatus (TR F-1)/1.5+”/15 pcs/$18 ea
Helianthus Congo (W)/2+”/7 pcs/$32 ea
Leleupi (TR)/1+”/40 pcs/$12 ea
Leleupi (TR)/2+”/10 pcs/$25 ea
Nkambae (TR F-1)/2+”/40 pcs/$18 ea
Savoryii (TR F-1)/1+”/10 pcs/$18 ea
Tetracanthus (TR F-1)/1.5+”/20 pcs/$12 ea.

Shell Dwellers

Brevis, Kapampa (W), 1+” adult males/10 pcs/$20 ea
Brevis, Kigoma (W)/.75-1+”/15 pairs/$45 per pair
Brevis, Livua (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/6 pcs/$12 ea
Brevis, Livua (W)/1+”adult males only/10 pcs/$20 ea
Brevis Mtoto (TR F-1)/1+”/3 pairs/$35 per pair
Multifasciatus (TR)/.75+”/25 pcs/$12 ea
Ocellatus, Blue (TR)/.75+”/5 pcs/$12 ea
Ocellatus, Gold (TR)/.75+”/2 pcs/$12 ea
Ocellatus, Isanga (W)/.75-1+”/10 pairs/$45 per pair
Ocellatus, Mukosa (W)/.75-1+”/5 pairs/$45 per pair
Similis (TR)/.75+”/6 pcs/$12 ea
Shell, Neothauma (collected at Lake Tanganyika)/1.5”/50 pcs/$6 ea


Bemba (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/50 pcs/$12 ea
Duboisi Maswa (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/75 pcs/$12 ea
Ikola (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/20 pcs/$12 ea
Kasakalawe (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/8 pcs/$12 ea
Moliro (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/12 pcs/$12 ea
Namansi (TR F-1)/.75-1”/8 pcs/$12 ea
Ndole (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/25 pcs/$12 ea
Nsumbu (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/50 pcs/$12 ea
Red Rainbow (TR F-1)/.75-1+”/5 pcs/$15 ea
Red Bishop (TR)/.75-1+”/10 pcs/$25 ea


Bathyphilus Isanga (TR F-1)/1+”/24 pcs/$20 ea
Bathyphilus Kekese (TR F-1)/1.5+”/24 pcs/$20 ea
Kilesa (TR F-1)/1”/24 pcs/$18 ea
Melanogenys Zambia (Tr F-1)/1+”/24 pcs/$18 ea
Melanogenys Zambia (Tr F-1)/2+”/5 pcs/$25 ea
Sp. Yellow Princess (TR F-1)/1+”/18 pcs/$25 ea
Sp. Yellow Princess (TR-F-1)/2+”/6 pcs/$35 ea


Ctenochromis horei (TR F-1)/1+”/50 pcs/$10 ea
Synodontis dwarf Petricola (TR F-1)/1.5+”/6 pcs/15 ea


Aulonocara Peacocks

Benga (TR)/1+”/8 pcs/$12 ea
Blue Neon (TR F-1)/1+”/12 pcs/$12 ea
Blue Neon Hai Reef (W)/2.75+”/12 pcs/$50 ea
Eureka (TR)/1”/20 pcs/$12 ea
Eureka (TR)/2+”/18 pcs/$18 ea
Fire Fish (TR)/2+”/15 pcs/$15 ea
Lwanda (TR F-1)/1+”/35 pcs/$12 ea
Lwanda (TR F-1)/2+”/25 pcs/$18 ea
Lwanda (W)/2.75+”/18 pcs/$50 ea
Mamelela (TR F-1)/2”/10 pcs/$18 ea
Mamelela (W)/2.75+”/12 pcs/$50 ea
Marleri (TR)/1.5+”/25 pcs/$12 ea
Ruby Red (TR)/1.5+”/20 pcs/$12 ea
Ruby Red Albino (TR)/1”/3 pcs/$$18 ea
Usisya (W)/2.75+”/12 pcs/$50 ea


Gephrochromis moorii Msuli (TR)/1+”/15 pcs/$15 ea
Labeotropheus fuelleborni OB (TR)/1+”/20 pcs/$12 ea
Metriaclima Msobo (TR F-1)/1.5”/12 pcs/$12 ea
Pseudotropheus Saulosi (TR)/1”/10 pcs/$12 ea


Champsochromis splirohynchus (TR F-1)/2+”/15 pcs/$22 ea
Crytocara moorii Blue Dolphin (TR)/2+”/15 pcs/$$18 ea
Otopharynx Big Spot Magunga (TR F-1)/1+”/18 pcs/$12 ea
Otopharynx Tetrastigma (TR)/1+”/12 pcs/$15 ea
Protomelas steveni Taiwon Reef (TR)/1+”/10 pcs/$15 ea
Sciaenochromis fryeri (TR)/2+”/15 pcs/$22 ea

SHIPPING: $49 Flat Rate via Next day delivery with a live arrival guarantee. Orders up to $200 ship via UPS Next Day Air; Orders over $200 ship Delta Air Cargo (must be picked up at buyer’s closet airport served by Delta Airlines). See complete Shipping and Guarantee here: http://cichlidsandherps.net/p/shipping-and-guarantee


These prices are good until stock is sold or sale is ended by Cichlidsandherps

The following are 40% off: Ventralis; Julis; Lepido Nkambae; TR Peacocks

The following are 35% off: Tropheus

The following are 20% off: TR Frontosa; Wild Peacocks

The following are 15% off: Wild Frontosa
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any tropheus bulu point available ?
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availability, cichlids, herps, list

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