Thread: Urgent: Wc Troph bulu dying
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[;223871]One thing left out of the discussion was these fish were put on a direct flight and then rerouted to spend a extra night somewhere out of the blue. Now while most of you know I pack for any unforeseen issues you just never know where the fish sit. [/Quote ]

So it wasn't 1.5week, it was 3 weeks? I'm confused. lol

Well whatever it was, if they wouldn't eat anything from the get go, I would say that they had to have been fighting something. But, like you told me before Greg, it's hard to see three or four Tropheus not eating in a tank full of swarming hungry Tropheus. I just think that shipping is usually the "Algae on the rock" (i.e. Icing on the cake) that did them in for good.

Simple fix would just be to credit the dead ones being that they weren't eating from the beginning I guess. It's only a few thank the Lord.

its easy to be a Monday morning quarter back, trust me.
They'll be enough of that stuff seen soon too!

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