Thread: Urgent: Wc Troph bulu dying
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Originally Posted by kyfront33 View Post
You can't guarantee fish that long because you dont know if the person keeping them knows what they are doing. Such as their acclamation process. I put my fish on a slow drip. And as far as not feeding for one day. I don't feed any of my New arrivals for a solid week. Then they get metro soaked food for a week.
I'm not saying these fish weren't sick and destined to die. But some fish just don't do well regardless of how they were before shipping.
My point here Kyfront was that as the consumer we are expected to trust the integrity of the supplier...I think the trust should go both ways...I am not saying that the onus is completely on the seller, but it shouldn't rest completely on the buyer either...especially if things noticed aren't right from the get go...I have never kept WC fish so I am not able to comment on quarantine, feeding & acclimation for WC fish...ok so you don't feed for a is still true that a troph that won't eat is a sick what do you expect of the supplier if the ones shipped to you don't eat and start to die within a week or 2 of receiving them?