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Originally Posted by kyfront33 View Post
You can't guarantee fish that long because you dont know if the person keeping them knows what they are doing. Such as their acclamation process. I put my fish on a slow drip. And as far as not feeding for one day. I don't feed any of my New arrivals for a solid week. Then they get metro soaked food for a week.
I'm not saying these fish weren't sick and destined to die. But some fish just don't do well regardless of how they were before shipping.
I understand that. But don't you think that if it's an acclimation process or something in the tank, that most of the fish would have a problem from the get go of introduction into the new tank? I do. But that's JMTCW...

I think that general awareness of the health of every fish should be a concern for every Exporter, Importer, Seller, Buyer and general fish keeper. Especially these days. I typically always probe buyers (mostly when I'm not aware of their habits, like non-forum members) a bit to see how well they know their way around a fish tank. And then I go into a bit of care and best practices of my own just to make sure that they are aware of what I think would be the best course of action if need be. To many people are just about the sale and not about the livelihood of the fry afterwards in their new owners care like I try to be. I want to have a good reputation for having healthy stock and providing a buyer with a long time enjoyment of their new investment. This is how I'd want to be treated so I try to do the same with others.

Bottom Line... If I knew a fish was showing signs of illness I would never let it go no matter what anyone told me that they were willing to deal with. It has nothing to do with the buyers knowledge or willingness to accept accountability for the deaths of fish. It has everything to do with the life of the fish. Shipping a sick fish will always do harm. It's not worth it to me.

This is why I try to do so much reading up on disease, diagnosis and medication for fish. It can only help me and the community when shared. There's not enough talk about in my opinion. But I'm stickler for that kind of stuff.