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Originally Posted by TroPhish View Post

And I read your last response.

I would be blown away if a bemba and a unrelated bulu point both carried the same locking receive mutated gene.

I believe them to be brother and sister from either the very same mouthfull...

Or something that could have happened...

they could have the same father fish...but difernt mother fish.

And one could have a bemba mom. and the other could have a bulu mom.

So one look pure and one looks mixed...yet they share a father thus both are carriers.

That might be whats going on.... matters little, as i dont believe there is a morphs like that for it could not have come from a previously discovered morph.

I beliieve it to be a first.

Updates my freind?


I apologize for being late.

I did not go further by research.

I keep them and i am trying to produce them.

Your idea is definitely more logical.

For a situation like this, mother and father both need to have same recessive gene. And if we say one of them bemba and one of them bulu point, this makes the possibility almost zero. As you said, they must be relatives with each other. Also they can have same mother and different father, or the opposite.

For update, the bemba mother and one female sunset had babies a few days ago.

The bemba mother got 28 babies, although she mated with the black father, babies ratio is very good, 12 sunset and 14 normal bemba.( Normally %25 sunset)

And another one, female sunset, mated with his father and got only 5 babies. They are a bit smaller. So i can't say the exact ratio of them.

I got a photo, let me share it with you.

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