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Question How many tropheus in 216 gallon (820ltr)

Planning to keep one species of trophs (currently looking at mpimbwe) and some tank mates (Eretmodus, Julidochromis and maybe some shell dwellers).

Question is: how many adult tropheus should I aim for? I am planning to get more fry (30-40%), for future elimination of males or posible loses down the road.

Tank dimensions:
195cm x 70cm x H60cm
78" x 28" x H24"

Depends on what I can get, but currently my eyes are on:

1. Mpimbwe (really want these guys, but it would be like an 8 hour drive)
2. Duboisi (really cheap and really nice looking)

seen both of these in breeding tanks, have mixed feelings, I like them, but I am not sure if I will like them in a long run, they look kinda plain.
3. Ulwile
4. Canary cheek

Kept ikolas for last 5 years - time for a change
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