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One correction on the above only because I used to keep discus. Tropheus do not require the same water quality as discus. With discus, daily water changes are very much preferred for healthy, thriving discus. I got away with water changes every other day on my discus tanks, but I was pushing my luck.

Trophs will do well with one large (50%+) water change per week. You could sneak in one more water change mid-week to ramp up breeding, but I find mine still spawn with once per week. The biggest reason why is because of the feedings. Trophs eat far less food and food with low protein content. The water stays cleaner longer. I only feed my groups twice a day. Most discus keepers feed 4-6 times per day and tend to overfeed because they know they are doing daily water changes. This is reason I left the discus hobby. The water changes are brutal and there is no way around them with discus.

Matt, my biggest piece of advice to you with trophs has to do with feeding. Less is more with this fish. Like discus, they will always act like they are starving, but don't take the bait as it will lead to problems. I found that very hard to control after coming from the discus feeding mindset.
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