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Good morning everyone!

I have a quick question. I'm a couple of weeks away from a new 180 (6'x2'x2') being ready for fish.

I currently have 26 duboisi (2.5" 1.5") in a 75 gallon, along with 1 Eretmodus cyanostictus ( 3") and 1 Juli ornatus (2"). They have been together from the beginning, some 70+ days or so.

There has been little to no aggression between tank mates but I do concern myself during feeding (NLS & spiro flake) whether the gobie and julie get enough to eat. Neither of them appears to be undernourished and they seem to have the 'jockeying for position' during feeding time routine down pat. I toyed with the idea of expanding the duboisi colony by 10 or 15 more but I would prefer to stay with the fish I have and allow the colony to expand on it's own over time.

My question, would it be detrimental to include the gobie and ornatus in the new tank?

I want to see the colony expand but don't want the gobie or Julie to decimate the fry.

Your input will be most appreciated.


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