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Originally Posted by ogom View Post
Good day. I have a tank dedicated to a group of Tropheus duboisi. I have had them for almost 4 years and never had any issue. Before buying them I visited this wonderful site for months and learned the basic. So a metrodinazole treatment is always at hand but I had the luck of not using it yet. My fish eat only vegetarian food 3 times a day. Spirulina. Hikari excel and 1 meal is nori or fresh vegetables. Their appetite is unique. Always hungry. Water parameters are ok and a 50% water change is done 1 time a week. 3 weeks ago I was away and they bred. 11 fry were collected. Once at home, and not immediately, I found a tiny baby. To get it I had to move all the rocks. Few days later I saw the fish were skittish. Scared of me approaching the tank. The bloat alarm started but I decided not to treat them. They do eat. Not with the same drive they used to. No strange poop as well. But I am worried. I somehow ruled out bloat. But not sure 100% at this point. When performing a water change they always hide. You cannot see 1. But once this is done all goes back to normal. This time the recovery time is far too long. Must I give them more time or should I treat them? At this point I think they stressed because I change the position of the rocks. If somebody can assist me on this I thank you i advance. Oscar
Once rocks are moved and rearranged the pecking order sometimes changes as well, so don't worry to much about it. give them some time, you should be alright.
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