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Originally Posted by dhavalsp View Post
So i have a group of 12 tropheus in a planted tank. i have had them for about 2.5 months...they have grown from about 1 inch to 2.5 inch on an avg. i feed them 3 times a day and do 30-40 WC weekly. PH around 7.2 ( but they have been bred and kept at that since birth)

My issue is they are still hiding and occupy lower area of the tank. Do all the normal chasing, i have never seen anyone beat up. Just want to figure out if it is just a growing up phase.if so then generally at what size/age do they get a little more bold and start moving freely, even to the upper portion of the tank.

if this is not normal, what could be the reason? i have adequate hiding space in the form of driftwood and all, plus plants provide good coverage, do you feel adding rocks would help my case?

Please let me know.

Thanks, Dhaval
Tropheus are at their best when kept to themselves in a tank, and 12 is kinda of low, the more the merrier is the Tropheus motto. To boost your ph a little try keeping crushed coral in a meshed bag and place it in your filtration, (I use to keep it as substrate but when one of my Trophs accidently swallowed a piece and died right in front of me I stopped practicing or using it as a substrate, keep it in the mesh bag).
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