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Originally Posted by troph56 View Post
I have not had any bloat instances for a long time now, however when I did have a bloat incident I was also feeding too much and I think the pellets I was using at the time were too big in my opinion. I have always fed Spirulina flakes with no issues along with NLS-Thera A. One thing that I did change and has helped at least in my own opinion is I will only feed pellets of 1mm in size and no bigger. I just feel like smaller pellets are easier on the fishes digestive tract, I could be wrong on this assumption but I have not had any problems since sticking with this size pellets.
That's a good point and something I was thinking about.

I think that people have been using flakes for so long and not many are pellet users and that it can be a difficult transition for the owner to get used to.

You don't have to fed the pellets no where near as much as the flakes. The pellets are compact and dense and when looking at the amount that is fed of flakes compared to the amount of pellets, it may be deceiving. I have had fine success with medium (3-4mm) pellets of both Ocean Nutrition and Dainichi pellets.

It's a test and tune type of situation though. But it's always best to start off small and work your way up. Slow and Steady wins the race with Trophs for sure!

Flakes can although be messy if in smaller pieces and I've found larger pieces are easier for the fish to grab and will lesson the amount of missed pieces floating around that get sucked into the filtration ultimately causing poor water quality, faster.
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