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Andrew, indeed, all things are as you said. I know all these ... I am veterinarian, full professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. I teach my students Fish Pathology and Parasitology.

I had the idea of this poll last week when four or five topics about bloat were active on the forum. Then I noticed that the fish were fed with flakes in all cases...but no slow sinking granules or others... so, the I wondered: is it possible that the flakes act as a risk factor favoring bloat? Is it possible that flakes will modify intestinal transit, local biochemistry or other parameters of digestion stimulating flagellates to grow excessively and causing bloat? In this discussion, I distinguish bloat from dropsy or another cause... I am referring strictly to bloat caused by flagellates.

So, it is important that members who had bloat to tick their answer for a good comparison between the type of food and the right conclusion.
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