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Originally Posted by fishdisease View Post
I've seen many topics that address bloat ... fish were fed with flakes, in all ...
I organized this poll in order to identify some elements regarding food as a risk factor of bloat development. Please, tick the proper situation in your case to establish the prevalence of bloat, correlated with type of food.
Very sorry about this I completely forgot your request for this poll. But glad you figured it out!

Bloat started mainly as referencing Malawi Bloat and is now more a catch all phrase for a symptom of an underlying issue. It can be caused from protozoa, Internal parasites (bad infestation of worms although not likely) and bacterial infections. Bacterial infections themselves can cause numerous things. Dropsy (can be start anywhere on the body), Abdominal Dropsy (mainly focused in the abdominal cavity causing ascites or build of fluid in the abdominal cavity between the abdominal lining and the organs) and kidney infections. Both Kidneys and Liver filter and purify the blood and body of toxins and waste products in a few ways while the kidney's regulate electrolytes and fluids. Both can be infected and if left untreated, the infection can spread to the other organs. The kidney infections are what causes Popeye (bulging of the eye's) but abdominal dropsy can supposedly also start with symptoms of swollen/ protruding eye's. While not to be confused with eye infections which will typically be a swollen/ protruding and cloudy eye(s) that can also show redness around the eye in advanced cases.

I still think that although stress can be the majority contributing factor to bloat, there are indeed numerous other and previously mentioned causes including an instant change in food. It can severely disrupt the digestive system and either cause the stress that induces effects from an attack of already present bacteria on a weaken immune system, protozoa or parasites or in yet unknown frequency of dry cavities in food that quickly ingested creating perfect breeding grounds for bacteria within the food and ultimately the digestive tract.

One thing that I have noticed is that while I had all of my fish on solely Ocean Nutrition: Formula Two Foods I had 100% no issues as it was such a moist pellet that with some firm pressure could be flattened into an almost disc shaped between your fingers. Once I added omega one pellets (as I just drop the pellets into the water) I started noticing slightly protruding eye's on 1 or two random fish. Which didn't seem to affect their spawning at all but did make a difference in their feces as well. The Ocean Nutrition: F2 never produced a visible and extending from the anus, waste product... (Sorry!? A bit graphic description ahead..) It was always just a soft release of stool that mostly dissolved within a few seconds after entering the water column. With the addition of Omega one and Dainchi Veggie FX and Veggie Deluxe I'm noticing more often "hanging" feces and more waste on the tank floor...

This is not to say that Omega One or Dainichi are bad foods. it was just an observation that I've made.

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