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Your dealing with wild caught so they're gonna take a little longer to acclimate to your water parameters, (tank breed can take up to a week without eating sometimes!). All to often when a Troph acts a little funny we juice them up with meds that imo can do more harm than good, especially if nothings wrong with them. Epsom salt is my go to when I'm a little stressed out and only when I see the sure tell tale sign of clear feces (with lethargic energy) is when I start dosing with the meds. Your doing the right thing with keeping the lights low but be weary if your overdoing it with the meds. they're instant energy after water changes is kinda telling me that's whats going on here. Good Luck!


Wishing the email notifications or even Tapatalk was working in this website, to many promises and I'm to busy and excuses going on here. It's ashame a great site like this is still in the Dark Ages.
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