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Thanks for the replies everyone! Ive got the temp right around 80. I held off on the clout for another day.

Treborgh- I've added an air stone and put diffusers on the eheim to shoot air bubbles into the water.

I've noticed after my water changes they all ball up together (minus the few not feeling well) and swim up and down the glass nicely. I fed a tiny *pinch* of metro flake to see who all would go for it. Most hit like great white sharks except the few "wobblers".

After watching them today, I am beginning to wonder if the ones not feeling well are dealing with something g besides bloat- reason I say this is I noticed a small white dot/worm possibly on one "wobblers". This one does tussle with another male so it was hard to tell if it might have been a nicked scale. Gonna check on it in the morning.

Also seems like a few seem a little red around the pectoral fins and between pectoral fins and gills.

Thanks again for the input!
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