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Originally Posted by John Irby View Post
Yeah, Iv seen the threads with pics of the two fish spawning.
Im just curious as to what the offspring would look like. I know with all the people out there with mixed tanks, it has to have happened.

Im guessing people just dont take pics of their mutts and post 'em. But they must be out there.

Just an FYI... I DO NOT keep mixed tanks or encourage crossbreeding of tropheus. I was just thinking about what they would look like and thought someone else had seen some or took pics.
I think that this thought has crossed most peoples mind. "I wonder"...

For some reason, mixed and hybrids are Completely Shunned in the Hobbist Community of fish, but domesticated dogs and cats were created this way. They are sill mixing Cats with African Servals called "Savannah's"...

But whatever. I woudn't go as far as killing them or selling them. Just would wait until they died off. I woud'nt really ever put my trophs in situation where it would happen anyhow.

Originally Posted by swk View Post
Most people cull the offspring, I hope...
I don't think that I have ever even heard of someone destroying hybrids of this nature. I've heard a lot of people say they would though.

Originally Posted by John Irby View Post
I know I would....Right after I grew them out to see what they looked like....studied them for hybrid vigor..... And took pics and posted them for everyone else to see.
This is more like it!

Originally Posted by moganman View Post
Seems like some mixed fish die off early
I don't know if I agree with that. I think that if anything, like Mixed dogs, they would have a larger gene pool and more longevity. But then again, I've never really seen someone try and grow out some hybrids. Except my broter in law. He had some Malawi Hybrids between C. Moorii and Red Empress. Looked like Big Red Empresses that were Covered with a Baby Blue Sparkle and Bumps on their heads like the Moorii.
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