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Originally Posted by Troyale View Post
I have no problem stripping them, but i really dont enjoy it. Im scared sometimes that i might squeeze them to tight. But what i did do a few weeks ago that worked, was net the troph and dip it in and out the water 5-10 times and she spit out all the fry in the net. I noticed the time prior that I stripped fry, when i was trying to get the net situated in the container to get a grip on the fish, she spit 1 in the net. I stripped 3 fry but couldnt get the last one out. So i dipped the net in and out several times and she spit the last one out, so i decided to try it the last time and it worked like a charm. Both females were red ndole and about 2.75". I felt like it might of been a little rough on her but might of been better than me trying to grip her at that small size with my big hands. I have a nkonde and red bulu both at 3.5" holding now, so im going to try the technique on them and see if it works.
Does anyone feel like that is a harsh way to strip fry?
It is a lot of work!!!!

It just takes practice, and everyone does it a little different. But, the fish are heartier then you think, and try holding the fish in your hand like you would a cigarrette lighter, head of fish = top of lighter, and you can losen or increase your grip easily. Also do it over a 5 gal bucket with water, so if you drop her, she is going to fall into the bucket. Use your other hand to hold the bottom lip down and shake them in the water.

It shouldn't be an ordeal, and as you get better at it, it goes faster. I doubt the female even knows what is going on, let alone remembering it.

another option is also a neat thing about tropheus is to see the maternal parental care, and moving females to smaller quarters with a little rock rubble is a great way to observe this.

Of course the ultimate joy is to observe it in your group tank.

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