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Originally Posted by rhickman View Post
So I have about a million different parts to my sump in te mail right now but once it gets here it will be running in no time. My question is regarding pumps.

Does anyone know anything about the Rio Highflow pumps. Never heard of them myself but I did own a Rio 3100 awhile back.

I'm looking at this one;

Also considering the Triton 5 Deep Blue pump from Kens fish which is very good wattage wise.

It's between these two, but some input that will push me to one side would definetly be appreciated. Thanks everyone.


I have a 12hf 14hf..., They both are Louder than should be. If you do get it, you might need to apply a little silicon Lubre to the impeller shaft to help dampen some of the noise while it finds it's "Grove"....
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