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Dominance starts from the time that they can swim, even with egg sack not fully consumed.

To them, it's serious from day one! But, referring to spawning activity, you have a good year before males get crazy. But you will see the action increase over time but not to worry. It will plateau and just be good ole Tropheus Colony Dynamics.

Normally you are looking at them being at least a good 2.5" and around a good 16-18months old.

Just make sure that you have at least 2 medium sized rock piles on each end of the tank and maybe a few hiding spots in between and you'll be good. The worst damage comes at the end of a straightaway. So if the dominant male (or female) has to make a bunch of dips dives and turns, they won't be able to do much but nip fins. But sooner or later you will see some serious male to male combat. It's just the nature of the creature in a confined space.
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