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Don't worry too much about the little ones getting beat up. I just added 20 Ikola to my 2, 3+" Ikola and 19 Bulu Point to my 8, 3+" Bulu's and have had no issues. I got both groups from MastiffMan just over 2 weeks ago now. I added a bunch of hiding spaces as recommended by MM. I have not witnessed the larger ones going after the fry at all. The fry are currently swimming all over the tank and not hiding much at all. I was concerned too but as it turns out it was all for naught. I just wanted to share my experience. In a larger tank like yours there will be more room for them to be ignored. My Ikola's are in a 75 and my Bulu's are in a 90. Good luck with whichever route you decide to go.
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