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Originally Posted by Spiros View Post
noddy, how much baking soda
also if the breeder before me who lives in ajax does nothing would it matter to the fish
I would try to match the conditions they are in now, chances are, the guy doesn't add anything to his water. I have brought many fish home, and taken many fish to Mike at finatics without any problems at all. He doesn't add anything to his water and he is/was 5 mins from my house. I add 1tsp per 5 gallons to all my tanks, and do 75% water changes every week. If you want to make any changes, I would wait until they are settled in and make the changes over time. Plus one on the Gobies, probably best to start out with six or so juvies and let a pair form. I keep them in small groups as well as pairs, but in larger tanks. Be carefull who you buy your Trophs from bud.
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