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Originally Posted by rhickman View Post
Ya Damba I mean I just found my cyps to be too delicate, especially their fins were getting nipped like CRAZY, but ya Spiros is near me and I have some breeding Ortho Bangwe I just picked up, if he wants to go species tank, 25-30 Dubs would fill that tank out well and they would be good together for sure. Let us know what you decide and post some pics, I definetly want to see how this turns out.
Damba, i just did a search for petrochromis orthognathus i defiantly don't like the look of them.
gobies seem interesting but i don't really know much about them.
can someone post a link??
i would like to keep at least 5 gobies so the tank would have some different colors.

i would buy 25 fry about .75 -1.50 inches long and let them grow to about 2.5" then i would do my best at sexing the males

if i could would 18 females and 2/3 males work
or more like 5 males and 15 females

i will for sure post lots of pictures when i finally get this started.
first i have to empty my 55g and move it to my dads office 5 mins drive away
problem is there are about 40-50 cichlids in there and i dont have much room in my 125 so i took a 40g , someone who passed away and it was on the street i just set it up 2 days ago so ill start putting in fish tomorrow as i used water change water and the filter was running in my 125 for 3 days.

anyway when that is done i will start putting up pictures, and maybe a youtube video
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