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Originally Posted by rhickman View Post
The pipe with the shortest amount of run needs to be half the height in the overflow box compared to the pipe with the longest run in the other overflow box. The short run needs to have the gate valve and the long run is your emergency, the short pipe terminates below the water line in the sump to create full siphon. The short run pipe is the drain that needs to be dialed in using the gate valve. The long run pipe has two options; fully dry emergency, or wet dry emergency where the water clings to the sides of the emergency keeping it silent. Personally, I prefer dry. Have it terminate above the water in the sump so that if there is a clog you will hear it. Yours is a weird setup, usually each overflow box for the Herbie or Bean Animal Method has atleast two holes per box. So these are estimates that need to be dialed in with a little patience but should silence your problem.

Thats how you typically set up a Herbie, and once its dialed in its a dream to work with. You want the smaller run line to be the full siphon so that its easier to purge air from the line after water changes. You DEFINETLY want to use an emergency, just in case anything were to clog the line. This system was designed for reef keepers, so they usually use bigger lines than we use in fresh in case any snails clog their pipes or urchins get into boxes and stuff like that, just for examples sake and a little background.

Any other questions you have let me know Ill keep checking on here. I wish I had my dream tank running to show you what I was talking about, but this is a great system and should fix your problem once you have it dialed in.

If you want to provide pics.. we enjoy those
DANG !! I AM SO SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!

I completely gave the wrong answer about my OWN tank !!!
I have FOUR holes. Two in each overflow tower. A drain and a return in each.
You typed up a pretty cool system and I completely had my head up my backside when I answered. I feel like an idiot.

SO, that being said, I have FOUR holes. Two in each tower.
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