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Default WC ilangi + 100 gallon acrylic tank complete set up

After a lengthy process and heavy heart, I decided to sell my WC colony of Tropheus ilangi Nkamba Bay.
I bought 80+ WC from SI Cichlids, Cichlids & Herps, and TNT Cichlids. Then I started to cull them and only pick the yellowest of them all. I ended up with 25 (6m, 19f)
When I moved last year to my new place, I lost 10 of them. And with us trying to move again, i can't risk of losing them again. In addition, it's really hard to take care of the fish with our third kid born October last year.
This is a breeding group, I've been selling the frys all over LA and AS with this group.
I decided to take a break from the hobby, so I'm selling everything.
15x WC ilangi Nkamba bay (4m, 11f)
100gallon long acrylic clear for life with the stand (72 x 18 x 18) the stand is 3 doors solid wood.
Almost 1 year old (bought brand new) FX6
Coralife light
blue tech heater with safety monitor
10gallon frys tank
Others misc stuff (wavemaker, extra heater, air pump, prime, filter media, etc)

I'm not splitting the fish, and I'm asking $650 for the group
The tanks and its accessories, I'm selling everything for $600. If you take the tank n the fish I will sell them for $1100. I thought of posting here it first before CL, so I give fellow trophs keeper a chance. Picture is available in my gallery, I will also upload recent pictures tomorrow. Thanks

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