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mr.johnson i dont think anything is rare in the lake just some fish are harder to catch than others. wc bricharidi namansi are the most expensive trophs on the market not because they are rare its just because they are harder to catch. just like duboisi maswa are rarely imported they are not rare just more expensive to catch and nobody wanting to pay.
petro red bulu points no way they are rare in the wild the spawns are so big in numbers.[/b]
Fish like Namansi are rarely imported because most people want the colourful trophs. Look at all the RR and Ilangi threads. Whether they are rare in the lake or harder to catch? I don't know. I've never been to the lake and tried to collect them. But i do indeed think that some fish are rare (comparing to others) in the lake. Some colour variants only exist in a small area. Do you think Red Bellys are all over the place in the lake for example?
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