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malawibob 11-19-2018 08:54 AM

New Tanks
Hi All,

Have not been on for a few years, but been busy with life. Hope everyone is good

In that time I decided to build myself a couple of new tanks, I have a 8500 Litre tank with a Red Fin Longola Petrochromis group of 21, 10 x Tropheus Duboisi, 16 Tropheus Golden Kazumba, a group of Oreochromis Tanganica x 4 and still got my WC of 19 x Gibberosa Moba, there are other fish in there, Some Simochromis Babaulti, diferrent types of Julies, Calvus, Horei, Syno's, Cyps, Nigripinnis, Eretmodus Neon Spot the list goes on, they get on great and all are breeding in the tank, so looks like my experiment is working.

Second tank is a smaller 3000 litre tanks and It has a group of 29 Red Rainbow Kasanga and hoping to add a group of Red Bulu Point in the first week of December, a nice Xmas present to myself and a group of 10 Syno.

I will add pics if anyone is interested


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