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snugpuppies 09-09-2014 05:31 PM

WTB: Trophs
Expanding my collection of trophs. Looking for either WC or F1. I am interested in any of the following: Prefer colonies over 20...30 is preferred. Obviously m/f ratio is important.

Important: I live in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. Shipping is required to Kelowna or kamloops. Might consider Vancouver or Seattle.

* sp black - magara, pemba, or ikola

* sp red - nkamba bay (chilanga), lupota (purple collar)

* any colony of duboisi

* moorii - illangi, lufubu, lusingu (murago), kasakalawe, kasanga

Send me what you have and price. If you have something not on my list but similiar, it won't hurt to send me a pm.

778 489 0063 09-10-2014 01:34 AM

I can ship air cargo to Vancouver or SEA, I have new F1s will be ready in a week or so and working on new import.

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