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29-09, 18:50 TroPhish
Get it?
29-09, 18:47 TroPhish
heck yeah! people cleaning there kitchens while online! Nice!
26-09, 22:17 TroPhish
Im not saying anything bad or good about any of those names...just that DwarfMbuna is not an underground alternate name for those other two people
26-09, 22:15 TroPhish
Oh....Whoopsie....Forgot...I called about the dude, DwarfMbuna. As he stated... He is not Cano... And definatly not T-bird. I was told he was a cool legit hobbiest.
25-09, 23:02 TroPhish
I dont think Mr. Flow is also DwarfMbuna. I could easily check.
20-09, 11:01 TroPhish
The watch picture and his texts he sent have provided a lot of fun for a bunch of us. The imagery is priceless!
20-09, 10:59 TroPhish
Yeah....he made claims that the watch cost 5K! Like for real...thats what he said. Who would think that you would google that?...I mean....its a plastic Casio G shock with a $200 or less with a fake diamond bezel.
18-09, 23:11 TroPhish
Will do. Its blingin!
18-09, 15:28 TroPhish
You should see this picture message that was sent to me.... I laughed so hard that it brought tears to my eyes. Its become and underground sensation!
31-07, 09:33 TroPhish
Anyway...glad to see new faces. Welcome
31-07, 09:32 TroPhish
HEy Anthony! Are you Anthony for sci or sic ciclids?
01-06, 19:04 TroPhish
Ill be sure to chime in and see if I can help you with your questions. but I assure you that it was only by chance that I saw this up here
01-06, 19:04 TroPhish
Hey Danny. Just post your questions in the forum. they will get noticed there more quickly. this chat box seems to have progressed towards being a spot that we can let the administrators know something without clogging up the forum.
08-04, 15:12 TroPhish
You da man!
07-04, 13:25 TroPhish
Hey Greg, Will you activate me over on Petrochromis.com? Mastif said he cant do it. I have no message window over there when I go there. Thanks guys! Also over there my name is TroPhish. the P is capitalized. Is it possible to make my troph name the same?
06-04, 23:02 TroPhish
Hey Mod, cant figure out how to let you know over on petro...but would you activate me over there? thanks
21-03, 16:39 TroPhish
Hey greg, Could you register my account. Iv seen all the stuff about the email issue.


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