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27-03, 12:33 Snowyfish
I guess the site is no longer working. I have not received my email either. Have some friends who have been trying to reach LAA with no luck. Is Greg okay?
23-02, 14:34 Dave220
I haven't recieved my email either.
01-01, 18:57 Fishfrenzy
Says please update every where and I cant ask why some of my moliro are blind
15-10, 12:04 steelheaderdu
I never received an activation email, either. I sent a PM to LAA and an email a couple days ago, but no response so far
03-07, 10:37 dirt4949
looks done.
30-03, 15:58 SirPsycho
16-03, 11:11 dirt4949
does this site still work?
07-03, 23:51 Pastor Lange
So is Little Africa Aquatics still in business?
20-02, 12:14 Read
Yeah, same here. Registered and no email. Is this forum dead?
19-02, 18:02 679x
Hmm, I registered but didn't receive an activation email, and still can't post?
02-02, 01:21 Xenocero
2 weeks and no one has anything to contribute?!? Is there anyone on here?
19-01, 19:32 Xenocero
Is there a minimum number of posts before I can post fish for sale in the forum? I keep getting denied access. Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers all!
27-12, 08:57 syevedabelko
Looking for opinions on Different types of Trophs together. Stetting up a 225 and have Miloro reds going in and would like to other fish as well. Will they cross breed? If so looking for other tankmates.
19-10, 15:09 tomaszp77
Hi everyone.Is anyone here from the forum, and Ireland has some Tropheus to sell
25-09, 17:38 aalien197
Hello, here any members from EU. Or from Europe . I would like to buy some Tropheus of somebody!would be great to get some help because I don't know how to use this web site. Thanks
15-08, 10:18 Cichlid Junkie
Can one of the administrators validate my account so I can post? I never received an email. Thanks.
29-07, 14:43 fishday
Seems like I can not post
07-07, 04:48 LittleAfricaAquatics.com
Your both good to go.
06-07, 09:13 shahidzee14
I wanna post an add here how do I post an add on here
02-07, 09:58 TangJeff
Still not able to see some pics even when I log in.
07-06, 04:03 LittleAfricaAquatics.com
Your good to go now, I'm back full time, lost my grandpa last week so wasn't around.
21-05, 11:08 BrianRastat
Is there someone that can help? I registered and was supposed to receive an email so I can post. How long does this take? Thanks.
21-05, 11:02 BrianRastat
Also I just registered and was wondering when I can get the email so I can post?
21-05, 10:58 BrianRastat
I was wondering if I could get some assistance. I have a 55 gallon tank, two HOB filters. I have a media bag with the cubes in it on one side of one filter and have purigen in between the filter bag with carbon on two sides of the filters. Is this good?
17-05, 05:47 Johannes


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