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05-08-2010, 11:19 AM
Hi, Thinking about trying a petro, so I've been doing some surfing. I found this Russian site with a nice list of petro races with pics and info.

http://www.cichlidenareal.ru/wiki/index.php?rod=PETROCHROMIS (also, if you take out
'petrochromis' and put 'tropheus' a nice list tropheus will pop up as well). Can't seem to find these links going in from the front page though...

So I used babelfish to translate one of the pages and found some surprising advice (to me anyway). I want to know what you petro keepers think of this.

Since babelfish just directly translates the words, the grammer is not correct, so you have to rearrange the words and sustitute the more correct english words sometimes, but here is what it says:

"A here in order them to correctly contain necessarily satisfaction of some conditions. Neither increase in the volume of aquarium nor increase in the quantity of females of one form ([garemnoe] content) nor content only of one pair in the large aquarium with many shelters, as a rule, give the desired results. It is possible to attain the successful content by two methods: first, with the content of [petrokhromisov] only of one form it is necessary to increase a quantity of males (but not females!!!), moreover the males must be not less 3rds (better than 4-5), in the second place, it is possible to contain [petrokhromisov] of one form and in a smaller quantity, but with the great specific variety, i.e., in one aquarium must be contained several forms of [petrokhromisov], moreover without any fear of hybridization, thus to a certain degree copying nature, where [petrokhromisy] live [simpatricheski] (to by the eighth of forms in one place)."

So the part that has me way confused is it being necessary to increase the number of males not females. Also, is it saying that you should have 3m:1f ratio or even better 4-5m:1f ratio? This does not seem right to me. Has anybody ever tried using a more males to females ratio? does it work, or do they just beat the crap out of each other until you end up with one?

Also, if anyone speaks russian anf english here and can do a better job of translating the part on the site labeled
"Special features of the content and breeding in the aquariums" or "Особенности содержания и разведения в аквариумах" I'd appreciate it.

thes petros are starting to look very cool to me :) thanks, Ron

05-15-2010, 08:26 PM
Konings in one of his books states the same thing... more males than females. While this can work I prefer to keep them as the reverse.... 1 male and as many females as you can get your hands on.

05-15-2010, 10:20 PM
+1. It is a numbers game with petros, buy as many as you can afford. If you can only afford a trio, wait until you can get at least 2 trios. Even if you get the right numbers it is not a guarantee, so keep a very close eye on them. A good variant to start with are trews and tricolors.

05-18-2010, 09:04 AM
I think I remember reading that somewhere also, but don't remember the particulars. Did he say what the reasoning is behind keeping them with more males than females? Could it be that he thinks the males will take their aggression out amongst themselves and therefore not harrass the females as much? I don't know what else it could be, but that just sounds like "fight club" to me. This is interesting because I have always subscribed to the idea of few males/many females groups whenever possible as well.

Are tricolors not as aggressive as other species?

BTW, when I mentioned petros, my good friends Jimmy Costa and Kenny Menard suggested I talk to a Sarah, who goes by Longstocking. small hobby eh?