View Full Version : Pleco-Tropheus ?

08-02-2009, 12:09 PM
Hi to all !
I have a question regarding my Albino BN Pleco and my Pemba and their fry. I have a pair of BN Pleco and I just noticed they have a large clutch of eggs witch the male is now taking care of, the only problem is my Pleco are housed with my pair of Pemba and their 7 fry along with about 6 Kenji fry. This is in my 55 gal. breeding tank , do you think the eggs will be eaten and if so what would you do in my situation. I only have three tanks so my options are a bit limited. I was thinking I could move the Pemba pair back to their old 125 gal. mixed tank and see how it goes . I was also thinking of adding the Pemba fry to my 110 gal. Lufubu tank , it houses 27 adult Lufubu and 8 of their fry from two other batches of fry. I was thinking maybe the fry would just blend in with the existing colony.
So if any of my ideas sound good please let me know, or if you have other ideas I am ready to hear them. I am also a bit worried about disturbing the Plecos !

Thanks ahead of time - Lee